I know she hate’s it, but Miley Ray Cyrus, got her (first) stardom through Disney Channel, as the Main Character Hannah Montana in the TV serie of the same name. The Disney Show ran from 2006 to 2011, with several reruns. after the show
Miley started her music career and again and again she try to distance herself from the disney character, being more naughty, more rough more extreme, never the less that doesn’t mean she cant sing and preform, cause she really can ! and she did in Odense last week ! The big story were that she grabbed a graduation hat from student Kristian Viballe, and after wearing it for a number she started rubbing it all over her body, licking and biting it and then gave it back to kristian, it was a fun moment, and made kristians hat the most known and expensive hat in Denmark.

Miley had several singles on Billboard’s top 100, but only wrecking ball went all the way to number one, there’s been several though that made the top 10 and 2 that almost made it to the top, Party in the U.S.A and We cant Stop, both made it to second.

I Odense “she” decided, only a few selected photographers, could enter the photoarear, things you “see” rarely, and normally only with the big falling stars, rarely with new rising stars. but so it was, so we, pressefotos.dk were not between the selected few, and i had to shoot from with inn the roaring crowd of 45.000 people,

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