After a rather disappointing performance of bootleg Queen (westlife) It were up to MØ to make things right, at Nibe Festival, and she did !
No affectation from her, on the contrary, the world famous Danish star started her concert right in the middle of the audience, of close to 20.000 people, and worked her way, singing, up to the stage.
After a few numbers at full blast “blur” “Kamikaze” ecc. once more she wanted to mengel with the crowd, still singing, she managed to clear her path to the controldesk, got a glass of vine, and continued the concert for a while from there, close to her fans. Amazing !
The concert of cause ended with her mega hit Lean on. (2.612.410.931 views on Youtube)

All together at superb concert, definitely amongst one of my favorite concerts this year … almost all known songs you could shout on, energetic performance, Top Marks all over from me.

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